Corner to Corner Crochet with Kaye Rideout

Corner to Corner Crochet with Kaye Rideout

  • £40.00

Join Kaye on Saturday 4th of June and learn how to make a Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket using King Cole Riot DK.

The Corner to Corner, or C2C stitch pattern is hugely popular. It’s worked on the diagonal, from one corner, increasing to the widest point and eventually decreasing back to the opposite corner (hence the name).  

It creates an easily worked dense fabric making it perfect for blankets & cushions.

The pattern is worked in diagonal blocks with each block being made up of a chain 3 and 3 UK trebles.  You turn at the end of the row and work more blocks into the space either side of the block on the previous row.  

It looks pretty complicated but is actually a really fun and easy stitch to work.  

The cost of the workshop includes one ball of King Cole Riot DK , blanket pattern and 20% off the cost of the yarn to complete the blanket. 

Requirements: 4.5mm Crochet Hook 

Basic crochet skills required for this workshop.