Opal Rainforest 18 - 4 ply Sock Yarn

  • £8.95

As its name suggests Opal Rainforest 18 is an inspiring collection of durable self-striping and flecked yarn, whose colourways reflect those associated with various 'rainforest' animals. With its blend of 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon this collection is particularly apt for sock knitting. From bright rainbow shades to darker tonal combinations, there's something here for everyone.

 Opal use this range to donate 10% of profits to the rainforest, which helps:

“Stopping the destruction of rainforest by companies and governments.

Preserve natural habits of human, animals and plants in the rainforests.

Promote respect for human and land rights for indigenous people.

Helping the victims (human and animal) of environmental destruction, hunting and expulsion.

Strengthening civil society in rainforest regions to fight injustice and environmental degradation.

Working with scientists to protect and research rainforests.

Educating politicians and consumers about environmentally damaging consumer behaviours.

Currently, Opal has managed to raise 268.000 Euros for this cause.