Scheepjes - Jeanette At Sunset Kit in Scheepjes Stone Washed

  • £45.00

This beautiful blanket is made up of 6 brightly coloured squares with a pale turquoise border.

Each kit contains enough Scheepjes Stonewashed  to make a blanket consisting of 20 squares crocheted together and edged in a cream, plus step by step photographed instructions on how to crochet the squares. 

Instructions on how to crochet the squares together  and add the border  can be found HERE

Colours included in the kit are as follows:

Beryl 833 (Yellow) x 1

Tourmaline 836 (Pink) x 1

Peridot 827 (Green) x 1

Red Jasper 807 (Red) x 1

Turquoise 824 (Blue) x 1

Deep Amethyst 811 (Purple) x 1

Moonstone  801 (Pale Cream) x 7