Scheepjes - Metropolis - Autumn Sun Scarf

Scheepjes - Metropolis - Autumn Sun Scarf

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The Autumn Sun Scarf, designed by Jellina Verhoeff, is a prime example of when a Scheepjes yarn and a pattern work together in perfect harmony.

The subtly heathered Scheepjes Metropolis yarn claims the attention it deserves in the beautiful braid-like relief motif. The front post stitches are framed elegantly by a row of double crochets, creating a trendy look and feel for all to enjoy.   

The Autumn Sun Scarf measures 23 x 182cm when complete.

It is crocheted using 5 balls of Scheepjes Metropolis.

Jellina chose Scheepjes Metropolis – 039 Delhi.

Pattern No. 53

Shown In: Scheepjes Metropolis 

Yarn Weight: 4 ply