West Yorkshire Spinners - Emeline Blanket Pack

  • £80.00

Emeline Blanket Kit
12 x balls of Re:treat yarn and blanket pattern presented beautifully in 

Mindful Knitting and Calming Stitches
by Lynne Rowe

Mindful knitting combines rhythmic knitting with mindfulness
techniques; consciously connecting you with the present moment.

Simple stitch patterns allow you to focus on the colours, sensations
and rhythm of the repetitive stitches.

Each stitched square is specifically designed to help improve your wellbeing and take a break from any negative and stressful thoughts.

Retreat is a roving quality yarn with a soft twist that glides off the needles, Re:treat creates smooth, light fabrics with a luxurious silky texture. Re:treat proudly bears the new British Wool logo, a guarantee that it is British to the core from sheep to showroom. The wool selected to make Re:treat comes from an exciting cross breed of Bluefaced Leicester - famous in British hand knitting for its soft handle -  and Kerry Hill – renown for its distinctive markings and clean white fleece.