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Crochet Terms - UK versus USA

Crochet Terms - UK versus USA

Do you ever look at a crochet pattern and have no idea whether it is using UK or American Terminology. The majority of  crochet patterns that you can download from the internet use American terms whilst companies such as Stylecraft, King Cole and Sirdar use the UK terminology. 

The easiest way to spot the difference between an American pattern and a UK pattern is the use of the term single crochet. 

Single Crochet (sc).
The same stitch in a UK pattern is a
Double Crochet (dc)
Download your comparison chart here 





single crochet(sc)

double crochet(dc)

half double crochet(hdc)

 half treble(htr)

double crochet


triple crochet

double treble (dtr)

slip stitch (sl st/ ss)

slip st(sl st/ ss)

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