Floralia Crochet Along  – July 1st

Floralia Crochet Along – July 1st

Stylecraft Blogstar Emma May from Pippin Poppycock has designed the Floralia Blanket in honour of all women.

Read below the extract from her blog describing how the blanket came by its name.

Available in four different colourways in Stylecraft Special DK. This stunning blanket pattern will be released in 8 instalments starting on 1st July.

Visit the Pippin Poppycock blog for further information and to download part 1 of the pattern


Flora is one of the most ancient goddesses of Roman religion, the flamen Florialis. A goddess of flowers, vegetation, and fertility.

Floralia was a festival in ancient Roman to honor the goddess Flora, held in April. The festival included Ludi Florae, the “Games of Flora” which lasted for six days.  The celebrations included nude dancing, gladiator contests, theatrical performances and circus events. The crowds were pelted with vetches, beans, and lupins, (symbols of fertility). Deer and hares also symbols of fertility, were let loose in honor of the goddess as protector of gardens and fields. They wore colorful garments during the festivities instead of the customary white robes.

In honor of all women I designed Floralia with my maternal mother and grandmothers in mind. From generation to generation they past down their knowledge, wisdom and strength to the next, hoping the next generation would flourish and prosper. We do our best to keep those family traditions alive while evolving and adapting them to the new modern ways of life. 

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