Knit A Square

Knit A Square

Knit a Square is a wonderful charity that we support at Ripping Yarns, which aims to provide blankets made of knitted/crocheted squares to some of Southern Africa's 2.4 million children orphaned or made vulnerable as a result of HIV, AIDS and poverty. As well as crafting these blankets made from squares from all over the world, they also send hats, hand warmers and soft toys, all created by charitable knitters and crocheters around the world. The aim is not just to keep these children warm, but to show them love.

We began to support this charity when a customer on holiday from Canada came into the shop to buy West Yorkshire Spinners yarn to make squares for the children made vulnerable by AIDS. She brought pictures of small children sleeping on  a concrete floor with no blankets for warmth - a very moving image which inspired us to get to work and help out.


After a Facebook post asking for help on our Facebook page, the customers of Ripping Yarns soon got to work, and were quickly bringing in squares to send off. To cover the cost of shipping, a donation box was set up by the till and those donating the squares would also leave 10p to contribute. Additionally, many of the kind customers also put some change in there after buying products, and quickly we had enough money to send off many packages of squares: we have now sent off hundreds of squares across the years.



In addition to the squares, Knit A Square also put out appeals for teddies, soft toys and knitted dolls. A regular customer and friend of Ripping Yarns, Rose Thacker, got to work and produced lovely dolls in colourful sweaters, and other customers also got stuck in.


We are so appreciative of our customers being so generous with their time and money supporting this charity which we believe in so much, and can’t wait to continue working with them.


If you'd like to get involved, please check out their Facebook page or website. As well as information on how to get involved, they also have many free patterns for squares, soft toys, beanies and handwarmers.

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