Mindful Knitting Needles

Mindful Knitting Needles

The Mindful Collection
There’s nothing I like better than having the right knitting needle for my current project. I’m always keen to try out different needles so I couldn’t wait to test out KnitPro’s new Mindful Collection and I must say, I’m impressed!

The Mindful Collection comprises a full range of stainless steel knitting needles and accessories, including double-pointed needles, fixed circulars and interchangeable circulars. Each needle displays a word to encourage the mindful and soothing nature of knitting and in addition to the individual needles, the collection also includes a selection of good value sets of needles.

So what sets these needles apart?
For me, it is the introduction of the swivel cable and it does just that! With a specially designed swivel movement at the point where the cable joins the needle tips, it doesn’t twist or curl like so many other cables I’ve used. It works with all KnitPro interchangeable needles and feels smoother and stronger than the usual KnitPro Cables I use. I’ve tried it with KnitPro Symfonie as well as KnitPro Nova and Cubics needles and it felt very comfortable to use with no twisting. 

Although I have used the new swivel cable with my existing needles, I do recommend the Mindful Collection of needles. The stainless steel makes them light to hold and I particularly like the fact that they have the fine smooth tips.

(Finally, I am very taken with the lovely teal colour of the cables and the two pretty end caps with coordinating cable pin. It may just be time to put a set of Mindful needles on my Christmas List.)

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Thank you for this very comprehensive, positive review. I’ve only used these needles (3mm) for about 15 minutes but absolutely loved them. For me, the join of cable and points is much smoother than my Symphonie and I loved the cables. On my Christmas list – definitely!

Linda Robinson

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