Vintage / Retro Knitting Techniques Workshop

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Vintage / Retro Knitting Techniques Workshop

Saturday 18th January

10.00 am - 3.00 pm


Requirements: Assorted knitting needles, scissors etc. Packed Lunch

Dawn Rowley is holding a Vintage/Retro Knitting Techniques Workshop, which is aimed at advanced/experienced knitters, who are aiming to widen their technique library and repertoire.

Objective: To explore approaches to knitting from 1900 - 1970. Topics will include working from Vintage Knitting Patterns, understanding the language, approaches and layouts from previous eras.
You will be learning to adapt vintage knitting patterns for modern shapes and sizes, for use with modern yarns. Exploring clothing design differences, shaping, finishing and embellishment. Learn and have a go at a range of more unusual stitches and patterns
If you have a particular vintage pattern that you want to explore feel free to bring it along.
Places are limited to 6.
To book a place please email us at or call 01642 711000 

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