Stylecraft Charm Pattern - 9880 Shawls

  • £3.20

This pattern includes 3 beautiful one ball projects - a Parasol Lace Shawl, a Diamond and Stocking Stitch Shawl, and a Mini Leaf Lace Shawl. Each pattern requires one ball of Stylecraft Charm.

The Parasol Lace Shawl measures 42cm x 180cm and is pictured in the shade Autumn Dusk.

The Diamond and Stocking Stitch Shawl measures 40cm x 186cm and is pictured in the shade Sunset.

The Mini Leaf Lace Shawl measures 40cm x 180cm and is pictures in the shade Grey Mist.

You will need:


1 pair 4.50mm (UK 7/USA 7) knitting needles and 1 pair 5.00mm (UK 6/USA 8) knitting needles for Diamond and Stocking Stitch and Mini Leaf Shawls.

A 5.00mm (UK 6/USA 8) 100cm circular needle for Parasol Lace Shawl.